Finding the Faith of St Joseph of Arimathea: An Interview with Fr. Jonathan Hemmings, England ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* The tradition of faith in Great Britain goes back to the Apostolic era!



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Finding the Faith of St Joseph of Arimathea:

An Interview with Fr. Jonathan Hemmings, England


The tradition of faith in Great Britain goes back to the Apostolic era!

by Tudor Petcu



A Romanian writer, Tudor is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, Romania. He has published a number of articles related to philosophy and theology in different cultural and academic journals. His work focuses on the evolution of Orthodox spirituality in Western societies as well and he is going to publish a book of interviews with Westerners converted to Orthodoxy. In this article, he interviews Fr. Jonathan Hemmings, Orthodox theologian, who is the priest of the Holy Life-Giving Cross Orthodox Church in Lancaster, UK, talks about faith and love in Christ.


1.) Before discussing your conversion to Orthodoxy, I would appreciate it a lot if you could talk about your main spiritual experiences and journies untill you have discovered the Orthodox Church.

First of all, we need to be sure of what we mean when we use the term convert or “conversion.” We all need to be converted – both those who come from different traditions and confessions and those from traditionally Orthodox countries who are referred to as “cradle Orthodox”. Christianity is not a Philosophy, it is a relationship with the All Holy Trinity. We are converted to Christ and we are received into the (Orthodox) Church through Baptism and/or Chrismation. Sometimes this happens in the other order of events. Those who are Baptised Orthodox as babies need to employ the gift of the Holy Continue reading “Finding the Faith of St Joseph of Arimathea: An Interview with Fr. Jonathan Hemmings, England ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* The tradition of faith in Great Britain goes back to the Apostolic era!”


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A Journey Of Faith In New Zealand – Alexandra Wood, England



A Journey Of Faith In New Zealand

by Alexandra Wood




When I was a little girl it was still possible to teach Scripture in schools and even people who did not attend church were happy for their children to be taught.

I remember as a child of eight or nine that I pictured in my mind one night the Mount of Olives with a bright full moon and a grove of trees and Jesus praying. I was very moved.

We heard “The Man Born to Be King” by Dorothy L Sayers on the radio, not the original 1940 broadcast of course! There was a very good TV series called “Jesus of Nazareth” which was repeated several times on the BBC I think. William Barclay also was a popular broadcaster later in my teens and I owe him a lot.

I was always interested in the daily life of the people in my Scripture lessons so I became interested in the daily life of the Romans in Britain, the Ancient Britons etc. as I went up through school. I had the advantage of living in the City of London where excavations were part of daily life. I left school at the age of nineteen and went to the Institute of Archaeology to learn to be a Museum Technician. So, Scripture took me to archaeology.

I realised from then on that to be Christian was not fashionable among the intelligentsia and also that those who furiously spurned religion in general did not apply the same standard of proof which they demanded in their own research.

I was not impressed by the intelligentsia. Therefore, I decided to make a hypothesis that God existed. It seemed that more learned people than I could ever be had, in the past, overcome what I could perceive as “Objections to Christianity,” therefore I would try to see if the orthodox teachings actually worked if taken as a practical blueprint for life. This seemed to me to be a more scientific method of assessment.

The book “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis, followed by most of his other religious and ethical essays formed my mind at this time When I got to University as an adult student I found that I had to study Fine Art as part of my Prehistoric Archaeology course along with Ancient History. These were fortunate aberrations for me as D. Talbot Rice was our Art History professor and we had to consider Icons and Byzantine history and we also found ourselves taking in Late Antiquity as we studied Post Roman / Early Christian Archaeology in Britain and Ireland with Charles Thomas. While studying the origins of the monastic movement for Late Roman Archaeology I read “The Desert Fathers” translated by Nora Chadwick(?) and “The Desert a City” by Derwas Chitty and so came across the hermits and St Pachomius, the early British Saints and the extent of the Church in Britain and Ireland. Edinburgh University certainly gave us a good, wide, thorough education!

When I came to New Zealand I finally found myself joining the Anglican Church in the seventies because at the time there was a very orthodox feeling to the church, at least in the parishes. I did find, though, the clergy I met strangely uneducated in early church history and about the Orthodox Church.

The New Zealand Anglican Church then went through some strange and turbulent times with the Charismatic Movement etc.etc.

I found, after a while, that it got most of my pastoral help not from sermons but from the books of John White a professor of psychiatry in Manitoba, one which I am rereading now. It is called “Flirting with the World” and is about worldliness in the church. I also found a very sobering book called “Crumbling Foundations” by Donald G Bloesch about the death of the mainline churches in North America and the opportunity for rebirth as the original faith grounded in apostolic witness. It seemed to mirror concerns I felt here, in New Zealand

I remained in the Anglican church because I found nowhere else to go.

A few years ago I found a book in the public library called “The Orthodox Way” by Timothy Ware and because I was still interested in Late Roman Antiquity I got it out

I read it from time to time and then came the Internet.

Through the Internet I found the British Antiochian Orthodox Church and I asked the priest at Colchester which is near my brother, Fr. Alexander Haig, if there was any Antiochian Orthodox church in New Zealand. He surprised me by saying there was! In the end I found out where Fr Jack Witbrock was living. I also received much help from Fr Gregory Hallam in Manchester and of course there are the plethora of sites on Orthodox topics. None of this was possible before the World Wide Web.

So now I am Orthodox Christian and my patron saint is St Alexandra, wife of Diocletian. Back to late Antiquity! My way to Orthodoxy took many turns but was aided at all times by books and broadcasting and by the Internet so it was a very personal journey, tailor-made to my circumstances. I still continue the great experiment.

The New Zealand Antiochian church is scattered through out the land now. You may visit this site where you will discover a lively community under the guidance of Metropolitan Paul in Australia.

Ορθόδοξοι προσκυνητές στην Νήσο Iona της Σκωτίας το 2012


Άγιος Κολούμπα της Νήσου Iona της Σκωτίας (+597)

9 Ιουνίου, +597

“Στην Αϊόνα της καρδιάς μου,

στην Αϊόνα που αγαπώ,

αντί για τη φωνή των μοναχών,

θα ακούγεται το μούγκρισμα των κοπαδιών.

Μα πριν φθάσει το τέλος του κόσμου,

η Αϊόνα θα ξαναγίνει όπως ήταν”

Προφητεία Αγίου Κολούμπα της Νήσου Αϊόνα της Σκωτίας (+597)

Ορθόδοξοι προσκυνητές στην Νήσο Iona της Σκωτίας το 2012

Τόποι ιεροί, τόποι αγιασμένοι. Για τον Ορθόδοξο Χριστιανό τέτοιοι τόποι σηματοδοτούν στιγμές προσκυνήματος, λατρείας, πνευματικής ανάπαυσης και μυστικής αναζήτησης. Η ελληνική γη, ευλογημένη από κατάσπαρτα μαρτύρια, μοναστήρια, ασκηταριά και ξωκλήσια, καλεί διαρκώς τον Χριστιανό σ’ ένα αδιάλειπτο προσκύνημα. Κάθε ιερός τόπος γίνεται αφορμή συνάντησης γης και ουρανού. Μια μικρή έξοδος από τον κόσμο και πρόγευση της ουράνιας πατρίδας.

Πρώτοι προσκυνητές, εκείνοι οι άνδρες και οι γυναίκες, που, οδηγημένοι από το Πνεύμα, αναζήτησαν τόπους άσκησης, προσευχής, πάλης των παθών και θείας συνάντησης. Στα βήματα της δικής τους «εξορίας» ψάχνουμε και μείς, διψασμένες ψυχές, τη δική μας συνάντηση με τον Θεό, μακριά από τη φασαρία των καιρών.

Τη συνάντηση αυτή αναζήτησε μια ομάδα κάπου 40 προσκυνητών, που ταξίδεψαν απ’ όλα τα μήκη και πλάτη της γης για να βρεθούν σ’ έναν τέτοιο ιερό τόπο. Έναν τόπο αγιασμένο, που η πορεία της ιστορίας μέσα στους αιώνες, θέλησε να ξεχαστεί -μόνο πρόσκαιρα- στη συνείδηση της μαχόμενης Εκκλησίας. Για τους Ορθοδόξους αυτούς από την Αριζόνα και τη Σιβηρία, τη Νέα Ζηλανδία και την Ολλανδία, το Continue reading “Ορθόδοξοι προσκυνητές στην Νήσο Iona της Σκωτίας το 2012”

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