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From the lying “Truth” to the real Truth…

From the Worker Sect to Eastern Orthodox Church…

Hi, my lovely friends!

My name is Abel-Tasos Gkiouzelis (Abel-Anastasios Gkiouzelis) and I’m from Athens, Greece.

I was born (1981) and raised in the Worker Sect. The Worker Sect also called “Church Without Name”, “The Truth”, “Friends and Workers” and founded 1897 and it’ s one of 30.000 new Protestants sects which founded from 1517 until today. The first Protestants left from the Roman Catholics on 1517 and the Roman Catholics left from the Eastern Orthodox Church, the One Church, on 1054.

The Eastern Orthodox Church is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Christ on 33 A.D.. The Eastern Orthodox Church has the Apostolic Succession.

The Eastern Orthodox Church is also called Christian Orthodox Church, The One Church and Orthodoxy.

But, please be carefull: Eastern Orthodox Church is not same with Coptic Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic Churches, Church of Armenia, Orthodox Church of Aithiopia, Oriental Orthodoxy and Eastern Christianity, that they are also called Monophysites or Coptic Christians and they are heretical false sects because they left from the Eastern Orthodox Church on 451 A.D..

So after much pray and soul searching I find the really Truth in the Eastern Orthodox Church! And on 2001, I baptized Orthodox Christian here in Athens, Greece!

If you want you can read here in my site my conversion, my story, from Protestantism and atheism to Christian Orthodox Church:


How I left from the Worker Sect and how I desided to be baptized in the Eastern Orthodox Church! It was very difficult for me because I was born in the Worker Sect and I really hated the Christian Orthodox Church…

There was a need Jesus Christ did a small miracle so as to believe in the Christian Orthodox Church. I said to Jesus Chirst «If You exist really and if You tell in Holy Bible “If someone knocks Me I will open him” give me an answer where is the Truth. It is in the “Workers” or in the Christian Orthodox Church? And if You give me an answer I will not deny You!».

And really He open me the door and now I am to His Home, in the Christian Orthodox Church! Now I read the Bible and I believe in Christian Orthodox Church and I’m very happy that I found the really Church of our Christ!

With all good wishes,

Abel-Tasos Gkiouzelis


Email: gkiouz.abel@gmail.com & gkiouz.anast@gmail.com

Feel free to email me…!

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